Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Western Royal Oak Hotel Photo Shoot

What a great hotel with great people. I just love them there at Royal Oak!

This arrangement you see is filled with cymbidium orchids (Thanks Trish!), gladiolas, ti leaves, reindeer moss and curly willow. A beta fish was added to add some flair! Check it out!!

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  1. Truly beautiful, natural flow of each design, and elegant. These words describe best Erin's talent for showing and arranging flowers. I know, I worked with her on a couple of weddings. Hard work, dedication and customer satisfaction are the gold standards she sets for her buisness. She takes personal pride in all areas of her life including this outstanding floral business. You will never be dissapointed when using Sprig's N Things, by Erin. For all occasions, all events use only the best! From a happy customer and former assistant.