Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Wedding of Nikki & Jeremy June 27, 2009

A warm but fabulous day at The San Luis Obispo Country Club.
Nikki's Bridal bouquet featured Citronella and Novia roses from Eufloria roses and stephanotis blossoms. Hand wrapped with a creme satin ribbon.
Nikki couldn't have glowed more than on this day, she looked absolutely radiant and her father, he was quite happy too:)
Dad wore a white lisanthus with varigated ivy.

A mix of Citronella and Novia roses for the Place Card Table.

The centerpieces were two different sized cylinder vases with lemons on the bottom and three citronella roses staggered. Also, because of the warm weather the couple had fans made for there guests. Great idea you two!

This arrangement, featured above, had a collection of roses, lisianthus and varigated ivy.

Another fabulous creation from The Cakery. Thanks Yarrow and Linda!

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